X5000 Cerium cup polishing wheel

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Mauro Bucciol
Dec 04, 2016
Hello Ben Si Teng, its been quite a while since we last communicated. I'm looking for some current pricing on this wheel for my Bavelloni edging machines. 150 x 70 x 40 (or 30). I think in the past you offered the X3000 made in Italy from RBM Italia. I was also curious about the cerium wheel CE3. Is this an alternative to the X5000? If so, could you also provide me pricing on these wheels?Quantity amounts will depend on pricing but if you have an suggested amounts which would help those prices, please feel to offer suggestions. I am at the same location 4 Vata Crt unit 14 Aurora, Ontario, Canada postal code L4G 4B6. Best Regards, Mauro Bucciol